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Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Yin Zhen is a magnificent tea, a tea of history and reputation. It is one of the finest and most delicate of white teas.

No other white tea looks or tastes the same as authentic Fujian Yin Zhen.

Consisting of only the most tender unopened buds of the first flush of Da Bai (Great White) tea, in the spring, these buds have a characteristic silver hue and white down.

The so-called ‘imperial’ plucking is done exclusively by hand on just a few days of the year, when only the finest young buds are selected.

The marvellous leaves of Yin Zhen resemble needles covered by silvery tips, and yield a crystalline, pale mandarin liquor with the subtle, fresh fragrance of buds.

Hence, ''Silver Needles'' is the name given to traditional, authentic white tea.

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