Tea company founded in 2002

Passion – Commitment – Quality – Service

Un Amour des Thés is now under the management of Ms. Pascale Wust. Founder Stéphane Lemay is happy to announce that tea enthusiasts will be well served for years to come under the management of Ms. Wust.

pascale wust

Un Amour des Thés is the brainchild of tea importer, retailer and wholesaler, Stéphane Lemay.  In 2002, specialized tea shops were close to inexistant in Quebec and eastern Canada. An avid tea drinker and taster, Stéphane decided to quit his job and start his very own tea business in Montreal. Success was immediate. Stephane was shortly after joined by both his parents, his mother Lise Lemay and his father Pierre Lemay.